Monday, 12 December 2011

Beaujolais nouveau and the French Rivera

Upon leaving Paris EARLY in the morning, we stopped at a town called Fontainebleau and explored the royal palace there, from what I can remember. Let's just say the phrase: "when in Paris" meant lots of red wine, and that phrase got tossed around way too much the night before. Needless to say, this morning resulting in a lot of hilarious moments, and of course photo opportunities!

We continued south toward the city of Lyon and the Beaujolais wine region of France. There we stayed at the beautiful old Chateau de Cruix situated directly on a vineyard. Better yet, they had just started harvesting the Beaujolais nouveau! This place was stunning!

Then, onto the French Rivera (Le Cote d'Azur). "Breathtaking" cannot even begin to describe Nice, Antibes and Monaco. I still cannot believe that I was actually there. I've discussed having a problem with mediation and finding that calm-mind feeling, but not there. One evening, I laced up my runners and took off along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. I ran until I physically couldn't anymore and found myself in ruins of what was an old castle built into the coastal cliff. I sat there for a while, taking everything in, then ran into the sea and floated there as the sun was setting. I have never felt more blissful in my whole entire life, nor had such a strong feeling of "this is exactly where I belong in this precise moment." Did I "find myself" in the French Rivera? Perhaps.

Enjoy :)

Loved this, reminds me of a rap album cover.
Fontainebleau, France.

No idea, but pure laughter :)

Chateau de Cruix, near Lyon, France.
Welcome to Nice!

Walking through Old Nice.

Tell me she's not photogenic?

Loved all these narrow road ways.


Ahhh the Mediterranean Sea.

My model!

Amy and Emma.

Those blues, stunning.

Unaware models haha

Creative view along the beach.

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