Friday, 11 January 2013

Konnichiwa, Sushi Anyone?

#67 on my list: I've always wanted to...

This is a retrospective "check" from my bucket list, but extremely blog-worthy, nonetheless. This is where really putting my bucket-list into motion all started.

For the past, let's say, year, I have been really struggling with my happiness and truly being myself. Discovering one's true identity can perhaps be one of the hardest internal struggles. Some people go their whole lives being someone else, someone that society has made them, or someone their family, friends or significant others have molded them to be. To be able to let go of all external factors, look deep into yourself and see who you really are, and be that person in every instance of your being is life's greatest accomplishment, in my opinion.

As I previously said, I have been keeping a bucket-list for over 10 years. I have not been able to show anyone this list, because it contains things that the real me wants to do. As silly as it seems, showing this list to anyone would expose me for who I am really. Every weird, quirky, far-fetched, or big-dreamed goal is exactly what I want out of life, but not what I tell everyone I want. To avoid the, "ya, wouldn't that be nice?", or "how do you expect to do that?" or "haha and when does a 'real' job fit into there?"reactions, I usually only share my more conservative aspirations.

Now don't get me wrong, I have some amazing people in my life that I am proud to call my family and friends, and I do not know what I would do without them. I would gladly share this list with them, however, on the other side of things, there is a certain ownership that one must take once goals are shared. For example, people publicly set goals to hold themselves accountable. There was definitely part of me that did not want to share my list so that if I didn't accomplish something on it, I wouldn't necessarily be a "failure".

How silly is that!?

Why wouldn't I want to do, what I, "want to do". What is life if you're not doing what makes you happy or not seeking fulfillment from life? A pretty lousy one I must say. This thought process started creating a change in me...

As I said, I was internally struggling a lot this past year. I went through some ups and downs, I broke free of some bad habits and things that were no longer serving me or allowing me to grow. Bit by bit, I removed the negativity from my life. Want to know what happens when you free up the space that negativity holds? You allow for some AMAZINGLY positive things to come into your life. What a concept eh? I wish I could have done this a long time ago.

As the negative went out, the bad feelings left, the anxiety subsided, and some amazing things changed in my life. I made some new fantastic friends, traveled a bit, had photography opportunities, my creativity came back, my ambition and joy of life emerged.

One evening, Chad discovered my list, and upon asking if he could read it, I surprisingly let him. He read it, and besides getting excited for me and wanted to start one himself, he said, "I want to help you check some off, I know exactly where to start."

Alas, came sushi making night!!!

Making sushi, LIKE A BOSS!

There is a very wide range of goals on my bucket-list. Some are silly, and some are larger-than-life. From "die my hair" (which I have checked off) to "sky-dive over mount Everest"(which I have not). One that I have always wanted to do happened this night:  Make sushi!

It was so much fun! The best part I learned from the whole process is: sushi can be whatever you want it to be. I was so focused on making the perfect sushi rolls that I have had in restaurants, but realized I can make whatever I want. If I think certain ingredients would taste great together, then do it! And so I did! After a beautiful fall walk, we went to the grocery store and found various fresh, yummy ingredients:

-Portobellini mushrooms

Then, we got the nori paper, sticky rice, rice vinegar to cook the rice, Sriracha sauce (because it's delicious on anything), and rolling mat.

Let the sushi making begin!

Prepped all ingredients. Even learned to "segment" a lime :)

Smoosh the sticky rice onto about 2/3 of the nori paper. (Bowl of water to dip fingers in so rice doesn't stick to hands)

Lay chosen ingredients horizontally on the center of the rice bed.

Mmmm asparagus, cilantro, avocado and artichoke :)

Cucumber, avocado, and we sauteed the mushrooms and tofu to bring out the flavors.

All the combinations were delicious! I made sure all of mine had avocado in them :)

Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!
Roll them up! This process might require video instruction. Basically, just fold over, away from you and make sure everything is very tight together.As you squish the roll together with one end of the mat, pull the other side of the mat away from you. This will ensure the roll is very tight. You will make a square shape of the roll. Continue until the far end of the nori paper is rolled.
Cut rolls into about 1.5 inch sections using a very sharp knife.
Now, the best part: eat them! Paired with a crisp Californian Fume Blanc, I was in culinary heaven.

All of the combination were amazing! We did a pretty good job I must say :)

January's bucket-list check, coming soon!



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    1. Thank you girl! And thanks for the comment :)

  2. <3 So wonderfully Emma! Love this :) you can make me sushi anytime and if it comes with one of Chad's cheesecakes I would be happy xo