Friday, 21 October 2011

Portrait Photography

 I love taking pictures of people more than any other subject. When shooting a landscape or an architectural photography, I find myself placing a person in a frame because I feel that the photo is enhanced with a human presence.

I want my photos to be vibrating on their two dimensional display. I want to evoke some emotion, whether positive or negative, out of every viewer. Some landscapes I have shot the pixels dance across the image, but for the most part, my portrait shots show the best of what I have to offer as a photographer. (In my opinion, could be way off here :))

I am oh-so tired tonight, weeks of work and no break have left my mind and fingers without much energy to write a whole lot. In such cases, photographs work the best for me. They can say more than I could ever imagine to write, and require a whole lot less energy to post :) Tonight, I shall sip of my Creme Brulee Roobios Organic Tea (thank you David's Tea) and share my favorite portraits to date.


"Ellie's Eye"

"Bohemian Green"




"Little Hazel"

"The Farmer"

"Impromptu Violet"

"Impromptu Orange"


"Parlez-vous Francais?"



'Guilin Girl'



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