Thursday, 19 January 2012

A few were left behind...

I was searching through some folders of Europe pictures and found a few I completely missed. They were definitely intended to be posted, but got overlooked somehow. Better late than never, it a collection of photos all from London, Paris and Nice. Enjoy,  -Em :)

Window at Swarovski store in The Carrousel du Louvre.

The Venus de Milo statue in Le Louvre.

Photo-shoot in Le Louvre courtyard.

The Lover's Bridge over the river Seine in Paris.

Candles in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.

Walking the streets of Montmantre.

This is Amy's "please stop taking my picture" face.

Some Parisians doing what they do...

French guard dog, small but mighty apparently.

Notre Dame interior.

Seascape of the Nice.

One of the bagillion pigeons in St. Mark's Square.

Gondola driver posed for me.

Another side street in Montmantre.

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