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Tea, tea, tea I LOVE TEA!

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If you were to walk into my kitchen it would be pretty evident that I am well... ok, obsessed, with tea! I really cannot get enough different types, from bagged to loose, sweet to spicey and all types: black, green, rooibos, herbal and oolong. Ahh tea!

My go-to spot for picking out new teas is David's Tea. They have hundreds of different teas to choose from, with some of the most amazing and original combinations I have ever seen. It never fails that I leave David's Tea without at least 2 new cans of tea that I just "had to have"!

My favorite, perfect for loose tea (from David's Tea)

I say, there is a tea for every emotion. Or, a tea for every day.. or maybe a tea for every minute... lets just say there is never too much tea. Besides the amazing comfort and deliciousness of a warm cup of tea, there are so many amazing health benefits associated with various types as well.

Chinese medicine has been using tea as a primary source of treatment for over 5000 years. Using Chinese herbs is one of the longest lasting forms of medicine, and it has been said that the knowledge of their healing power is China's greatest gift to mankind. The science behind Chinese Herbal Medicine takes year and years to fully understand, but generally speaking, tea provides so many health benefits, including:

-Boosts Immune Defenses
-Increases metabolism
-Keeps you hydrated
-Contains antioxidants
-Protects your bones and teeth
-Can help prevent cardiovascular disease

Some people enjoy tea for pleasure, some of therapy and others, a combination of both. Yes, some "good-for-you" teas taste absolutely horrible, but works. While others offer the best tasting concoction of herbs and leaves imaginable.

All of the types available can make it very hard to understand what each is best for. I'll summarize so you are aware of what you are buying, or should start incorporating in your daily routine.

Health Benefits of Various Tea

Teas Derived from Camellia sinensis plant:
-Green: Contain highest level of flavanoids (antioxidants), prevent various forms of cancer, prevent arteries from clogging, help with weight loss, reduce cholesterol, lower risk of stoke and reduce risk of neurological disease.
-Black: protect lungs from harm caused by cigarette smoke, and reduce risk of stroke.
-White: has most anti-cancer properties compared to other forms of tea.
-Oolong: lower bad cholesterol and help with weight loss.
-Pu-erh: benefits similar to oolong, but tea is processed differently.

So, how do I pick tea, since they are all so healthful, I base mine on the yummiest flavour!

Right now I am drinking a loose tea from David's Tea called "The Glow", which is made to give your skin a well.. glow! It's ingredients include rooibos, rosehip, nettle leaf, oat straw, rose petals and cinnamon (Ayurveda's complexion saver)! Every girl (or boy) loves glowing skin, but the best part is that is tastes like yummy apple crisp!!! Mmmmmm, I just took my last tablespoon out, time for a David's Tea trip!

My other current favorites include: Organic Creme Brulee (rooibos) from David's, Higgins and Burke Pear Green tea, Empire of Tea's Plantain Coconut (rooibos) and Tim's Pumpkin Spiced Tea (rooibos).

Wow, I just talked a lot about tea, I really could keep going.. but I will stop. It is a 100% guarentee I will be talking about tea for many posts to come :) YAY!

Did this make you want to brew a cup? I hope so, I'm going to make another, and why not, because I forgot to mention, ZERO CALORIES! haha It's a guilty free snack!


Em :)

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