Friday, 2 September 2011

Newfoundland Photos

At the beginning of July I ventured back to "The Rock" to visit my best friends! I hadn't seen two of them in over 2 years, and it was long over due!

This trip really was a fresh breath of air! There is nothing more revitalizing then taking time off, surrounding yourself with your favorite people, and the breathe taking coastline of Newfoundland.

My loves :)

I have an obsession with the doorways in Newfoundland, there is quite a history there as well.

The "Black Beach".
Absolutely gorgeous day on the North Shore of Newfoundland.

We found lots of sea creatures.
Kel fascinated us with marine facts.

Sunset at the cabin.

The house by the harbor are such old fisherman houses.

My adventure team on our Signal Hill walk.

Love them smiles :)
Does this not give you motivation to run this trail every morning?

Windy at the mid-point.

Kel takes a shot of me.

Water time.

Over-looking St. John's.
Perfect resting spot on our Eastern Trail hike through Pouch Cove.

Pouch Cove looking back at Portugal Cove.

All smiles on the 6km dirt road hill hike back haha.

I was in awe this whole time, gorgeous sites.

St. John's battery.

Out for a "Deadly Coffee" on Water Street.

Jack the man!

Out for a gab with Em we stopped here for a view.

This girl makes me smile :)

Gorgeous model!

And this one too :)
This was only a small selection so many more but these are definitely my favorite.

I will be sure to post A LOT when I get back from my month in Europe, which I leave for, TODAY!

Take care everyone! Be happy, be healthy, and love life!


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